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This company is arguably one of the leading fertilizers and agro-allied companies in Northern Nigeria with capacity of producing 70 to 90 Metric Tons of NPK 20-10-10 per hour. Our prime activities include NPK fertilizer blending, fungicides, pesticides, herbicides and supply of seeds.

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Fast Growing Company

Hamdala Fertilizer is a rapidly expanding company dedicated to fostering agricultural success. Our high-quality fertilizers optimize crop productivity, ensuring sustainable growth. Partner with us for reliable solutions that contribute to agricultural prosperity and a flourishing future.

We thrives on an effective business strategy, from innovative product development to customer-centric practices, ensuring sustained growth and prominence in agriculture.

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Our Values

Powering Agriculture Growth: Fertilizers that Transform Your Harvest Potential!


Fueled by innovation, Hamdala Fertilizer excels in fertilizer production, embracing creativity and pioneering solutions that redefine possibilities in the agricultural sector.


At Hamdala Fertilizers, teamwork is our cornerstone. Collaborative efforts cultivate growth, ensuring our fertilizer production thrives with unity, dedication, and a shared commitment to excellence.


Sustainable at its core, Hamdala’s fertilizer production embodies an eco-friendly commitment, fostering growth while preserving the environment. Our sustainable practices ensure a greener future for agriculture and beyond.


At Hamdala, integrity is the bedrock of our fertilizer production. We adhere to unwavering ethical standards, ensuring transparency, reliability, and trust in every aspect of our operations.


thrives on excellence, crafting top-tier fertilizers that enrich soils and boost agricultural productivity. Our commitment to excellence defines our mission to cultivate a greener, more sustainable future.


With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Hamdala Fertilizer is dedicated to producing top-quality fertilizers. Our commitment ensures agricultural growth and prosperity for a sustainable and greener future.

Our Products

Committed to Quality

Our commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our fertilizer production. With precision and dedication, we ensure excellence in every step, cultivating a legacy of reliability and growth.

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide farmers with top-notch fertilizers that enhance crop yield and contribute to food security. We prioritize quality in our production processes, reflecting our dedication to agricultural excellence.

Innovative Approach

At Hamdala, innovation is at the core of our business strategy. We continually explore cutting-edge technologies and modern agricultural practices to deliver fertilizers that meet evolving market demands and contribute to sustainable farming.

Quality Assurance

We implement stringent quality assurance measures throughout our production chain. From sourcing raw materials to the final product, we employ rigorous testing to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of our fertilizers.

Growth and Vision

As we continue to grow, our vision remains steadfast—to be a leading force in the fertilizer industry. Hamdala Fertilizer is not just a company; it's a commitment to fostering agricultural prosperity and contributing to a sustainable and food-secure future.

Our Purpose

Fulfilling Agricultural Potential: Our Purpose Unveiled

Embark on a journey of agricultural prosperity with Hamdala Fertilizers. Our purpose is to elevate farming practices, ensuring bountiful yields and sustainable cultivation.

At Hamdala Fertilizers, our purpose revolves around maximizing your agricultural potential. Experience excellence in fertilizer production, dedicated to enhancing crop yields and ensuring a prosperous farming future.

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