Hamdala Fertilizer assures farmers of superior quality, promising increased yields and enhanced crop productivity for agricultural success.


At Hamdala Fertilizer, we take immense pride in offering high-standard agricultural products that guarantee exceptional results for farmers. Our commitment to quality means that when you choose our fertilizers, you’re choosing excellence and a proven track record of improved yields.

We understand the significance of increased yields for farmers’ livelihoods, and that’s why our products are meticulously developed and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance in enhancing crop productivity. With our fertilizers, farmers can rest assured that they’re investing in a solution that delivers tangible results.

Our dedication to providing top-tier fertilizers stems from a comprehensive understanding of farmers’ needs and the critical role that agricultural inputs play in crop development. Through our products, we aim to support farmers in achieving enhanced yields, healthier crops, and ultimately, greater profitability.

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Our Brands

Agricultural Sector

Farmers benefit from our fertilizers, boosting crop yields, improving soil health, and ensuring sustainable agricultural practices for better harvests.

Commercial Growers

Commercial growers rely on our premium fertilizers for enhanced crop quality, increased production, and sustained agricultural success and profitability.

Gardeners & Horticulturists

Gardeners and horticulturists trust our fertilizers, fostering lush gardens, vibrant landscapes, and thriving plant health for stunning results.


Premium Crop-Boosting Fertilizers

We specializes in providing top-quality fertilizers, offering a diverse range of products tailored to enhance crop yields and support agricultural growth, ensuring farmers’ success and sustainability.

Cooking Oil

Expanded Offerings: Cooking Oil

We extends our services by offering high-quality cooking oil, ensuring a diverse range of products for consumers’ needs.”


Jute Bag

Sustainable Jute Bags Offered

Hamdala Fertilizers, committed to sustainability, extends their services by providing customers with robust and eco-friendly jute bags, showcasing dedication to environmentally conscious agricultural practices and customer satisfaction.


Seedling Nurturing Services Offered

Hamdala Fertilizers extends services to include seedling nurturing, ensuring comprehensive support for farmers from inception to harvest.

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