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Leading NPK fertilizer supplier in Nigeria and global markets.

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Hamdala Fertilizer and Chemical Company Ltd, situated in Kano State, North West Nigeria, is an integrated agro-allied and chemicals enterprise specializing in the blending and distribution of NPK fertilizer and agricultural products. Established in 2020, the company supplied approximately 100,000 MT of fertilizer to the Anchor Borrowers’ Programme, initiated by President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 to connect processing companies with farm holders. Hamdala Fertilizer has become a significant NPK fertilizer supplier, both domestically and internationally. Recently, the company inked an agreement with the Benin Republic Government to bolster their agricultural production. To meet global market demands, Hamdala Fertilizer has expanded its capacity with modern technology.

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Our Company

Global Agricultural Impact

To lead in affordable fertilizer supply, inspiring trust, excellence, and innovation across sub-Saharan Africa, becoming a globally recognized, diversified enterprise.

To be the leading fertilizer blending and supplier across sub-Sahara Africa with most affordable price to be an inspiring, distinguished and globally diversified enterprise with a hallmark of excellence, trust and innovation.

Our Drive

Guiding Organizational Values

The organization’s beliefs and principles that articulate the desired culture of the organization. These standards describe how employees and the organization are expected to behave internally and externally. They serve as the basis for decision making and influence actions in everyday situations

Our Core values shape its culture, guiding expected behavior internally and externally, forming a framework for decision-making and daily actions.

Hamdala Fertilizer & Chemical Company Ltd upholds a quality policy ensuring goods and services meet client standards. We select suppliers and subcontractors meeting these quality benchmarks. Our quality system aligns with general requirements and service descriptions. Over time, our company’s skills and management have significantly evolved. Our team exhibits unparalleled enthusiasm, competence, and commitment in the industry. Our success stems from competitive tendering, professional management, quality goods and supply, an exceptional safety record, and a proactive approach. This has consistently satisfied both public and private sector clients, ensuring their designed team’s contentment.

Considering the roles of a Special Project Machines which we often play, we ensure that our operations are conducted with the following value undertones:
 Corporate governance

  •  Financial fidelity
  • Dignity and reliability
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Health and Environment Safety
  • Team work
  • Commitment to Excellence, Integrity and Pprofessionalism

Our clients are our business’s core, and we prioritize them by maintaining state-of-the-art machinery and customer-centric policies. We deliver top-tier international services globally. At our company, customer service is a collaborative effort, ensuring key decision-makers connect with clients as needed.

Our flexible operating system allows swift integration of client feedback, enhancing our service and consistent performance. We understand that strong client relationships are fundamental to our success. We take pride in comprehending their needs and consistently surpassing their expectations.

We uphold services and performance that align with international standards. Total commitment, on-time delivery, and a customer-friendly approach are central to our project excellence. Our dedicated team maintains a consistent and timely supply of quality products, fostering goodwill and strong business relationships. We adapt to evolving customer needs and focus on product development to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

We are strongly striving to expand our scope of business in order to meet up with the current challenges and situation facing our Nation and the impacts we have already started making a feasibility studies on the following sectors so as to ensure venturing into another diversified business undertaking purposely on the following grounds:

  • Employment generation
  • Boosting our economy
  • Reduction of poverty
  • Multiplier impact
  • Assisting the government
  • Revenue Generation
  • Sovereignty
Our company is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by leveraging management expertise and technology to complete projects on time and in line with agreed-upon requirements. We embrace Total Quality Management as our guiding philosophy, believing that quality should be integral to every facet of our operations, from the CEO to junior staff. This approach enables us to monitor our services and implement improvements when needed.

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