Fertilizers do not deplete the soil

Fertilizers are key to rejuvenating the soil by providing nutrients the plants need to grow healthily. 

In nature there are 17 critical plant nutrients: The macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulphur, magnesium, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and the micronutrients iron, boron, chlorine, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum and nickel. 

When crops are harvested, the nutrients follow the crop. Important nutrients are therefore removed from the soil. Often the soil is not able to replenish all the nutrients by itself, that is where fertilizers supply the nutrients that are lacking. 

To keep up with the world´s rising population, higher crop yields are essential.

In the US alone, the average corn yields have more than doubled since 1968(1), through more effective farming.  

Both organic and mineral fertilizers can be used to replenish the soil. The nutritional content of organic fertilizers is low compared to mineral fertilizers, which are concentrated and have a strictly controlled nutrient content.


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